Specialized Services

Thanks to the wide array of talented people on our team, we can help in so many ways beyond just editing and design. Check out a sampling of our other services below and contact us with any questions! 


Do you have a book, sermon, article . . . or whatever that you would like to make available in Spanish? We can make that happen.


Have you written a song but need some help polishing off the lyrics? We can help.

Or maybe the words are ready but you need a melody. Let us write the tune.

Perhaps you need an original song (both lyrics and tune) for a special occasion. We can make it happen.


Want to write a book but don't know where to begin? Stuck with a work in progress? You may be interested in our coaching services. 

The coaching plan for each client is unique, designed to fit the client's needs and expectations.


Turn your sermon or teaching series into a book. We can help with every step: first, the transcription from audio to a written manuscript, and then the various steps of editing, page formatting, and cover design.


Audiobooks have exploded in popularity. In fact, if your book isn't available in audio format you're missing out on a large audience who prefer listening to reading. We help you through the process of recording and publishing your book in audio format to increase your reach. 


Do you have an idea for an article or book but need help putting your thoughts into words?  Using your ideas . . . your story . . . and your voice, we can write your article, story, or book.


Perhaps you have completed your first draft, or perhaps you need some professional guidance before you pay for editing or send your work to an agent or publisher.