Comprehensive Editing Services

We spend a good deal of time with our edits. A comprehensive edit includes three phases: content edit, line edit, and proofreading (see below). We begin with the content edit, working through the manuscript carefully. Then we go through the manuscript twice more for the line edit. Then one of our proofreaders goes through it again, carefully checking for errors.  

The amounts listed below are our customary fees. Interested? Please contact us. After learning more about your editing and writing needs, we will recommend the services that we feel best fit your project and preferences.


Step 1: Content Editing

Our content editors view your manuscript as a whole. They focus on issues such as these:

text organization | transitions | readability | style issues | language fit to audience | development of ideas | paragraph and chapter arrangement |
section headers | focus | identification of missing source information | verification of Bible text and references of quoted scriptures | insertion of any missing front matter

Fiction editing also includes checking these issues:

Character and plot development | consistency of characters | point of view | showing, not telling | believable dialogue and plot


Step 2: Line Editing

Our line editors do just what the name implies. Line by line they tighten, smooth, and clarify, checking mechanics, such as:

spelling | punctuation | grammar |consistency | best word choice | sentence structure | consistent tenses | paragraph and sentence length | cliches | unnecessary modifiers | repeated words and phrases | consistent formatting of footnotes or end notes

Your editor will make the recommended changes using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes function.

You will be able to view the changes and reject or question any you don’t want.


Step 3: Proofreading

Our professional proofreading services provide a final review of your manuscript before printing. We check for consistency, typos, spelling, punctuation, and grammar. This step should follow editing. 

Estimated Pricing

Each job begins with a conversation about your needs. We custom quote every job, so the prices below are averages based on a "typical" job. Your price may be a little higher or lower, depending on your needs. Contact us, and we'll give you a personalized quote.

Content Editing



Average price per word. Contact us for a custom quote. 

Line Editing



Average price per word. Contact us for a custom quote. 




Average price per word. Contact us for a custom quote. 

Other Editing Services

Academic Editing

Whether you’re writing your graduate thesis, your dissertation, or a seminar paper, we can help bring clarity and organization to your project. 


Turn your sermon or teaching series into a book. We can help with every step: first, the transcription from audio to a written manuscript, and then traditional editing services.

Perhaps you have completed your first draft, or perhaps you need some professional guidance before you pay for editing or send your work to an agent or publisher.


Do you have an idea for an article or book but need help putting your thoughts into words?  Using your ideas . . . your story . . . and your voice, we can write your article, story, or book.

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