Marketing Services

Once you're book is published, we'll help you share it with the world. Check out all the ways we help your marketing efforts below: 

Social Media Management

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs and More. We can help increase user engagement, write posts, edit posts you write, coach you . . . whatever you need to help develop your marketing and promotional strategies. 

Website Design

We would love to build a website that shows off your book or ministry in style. Our designers want to help you connect people to you and your writing.


Audiobooks have exploded in popularity. In fact, if your book isn't available in audio format you're missing out on a large audience who prefer listening to reading. We'll help you through the process of recording and publishing your book in audio format to increase your reach. 

Promotional Tools

We now offer these promotional tools to provide inexpensive but effective ways to remind people about your book. Check out the bookmarks, postcards, and handouts. And be sure to consider an electronic template that will promote your book with every email you send.

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