Perhaps you have completed your first draft . . . but you don’t know where to go from here. Maybe you are stuck part way through writing your book. Or perhaps you need some professional guidance before you pay for editing or send your work to an agent or publisher. A critique can help you!

What Does A Critique Include?

Our critiquing team is made up of CED professional Christian editors who thrive on helping authors excel. The editor who works with you will read your manuscript in detail and prepare a two- to four-page project evaluation that includes the following:

  • Book synopsis: The editor will summarize your book in a paragraph, highlighting main ideas and themes. This step will help you determine whether your manuscript effectively conveys what you intend.
  • Strengths and concerns: The editor will highlight your strengths as a writer and will identify the best part(s) of your book while also pointing out major issues that might hinder its overall impact.
  • Observations and revision guides: The editor will address your book's specific developmental needs, offering general insight into how to correct overall issues in flow, content completion, and character development. This is not an edit. A critique is only a guide to make sure you are headed in the right direction.
  • Simple changes: The editor will offer a list of easy adjustments you can make to prepare your manuscript for market.
  • Trade helps: The editor will provide software shortcuts to help build your confidence for the revision process and will identify which editing service(s) might best meet your project's needs.

Note: Following the feedback provided by the services does not guarantee sales or success.

How much will it cost?

Our fees are based on the word count of your manuscript.            

  • 1 to 2500 words: $75
  • 2501 to 20,000 words: $150
  • 20,001 to 60,000 words: $300
  • 60,001 to 80,000 words: $375
  • 80,001 to 100,000 words: $500
  • Additional words: $ 0.006 each


How long will it take?

Times may vary depending on our workload. Usually you can plan on two weeks for up to 80,000 words and three weeks for longer manuscripts.

Let's Get Started

Your journey begins with a simple message. 

Simply fill out this simple form and let us know what you're working on and how we can help. 

Someone from our team will reach out to you via email as soon as possible (usually next business day) to learn more about you and how we can meet your needs.