What Clients Are Saying: 

I am thankful that I chose CED to edit my book. The content edit done by Bethany Clark was superb! Bethany has an eye for detail and an understanding of how children think. From the beginning, she showed a genuine interest in my book. Her expertise brought my book and characters to life! Her suggestions were on point, much needed, and used. She went above and beyond editing to produce superior work.

The line edit done by Karen Burkett, founder and owner of CED, was  done in excellence and created a smooth and polished flow of my book. Karen showed  a genuine interest in my book as well. When I conveyed concern about  my book in an area not related to editing, Karen sent information to help me as an author.

Both Bethany and Karen encouraged me throughout the editing process. I will never forget them and I thank God for them.

May the Lord bless CED with favor and abundance.
Fondly and with gratitude,

Deborah Faulks
Author, Grace's Amazing News!

Karen and Staff,
The Lord used you in a powerful way to assist me in getting my book edited, formatted, and printed! You and your team did a marvelous job for which I am eternally grateful. Your kindness and depth of caring made the process a very pleasurable and fun experience.  I highly recommend your services to anyone publishing for the first time or the fiftieth time. Thank you so much.

Mary Ann Sanders
Author, Please Don't Kill the Mockingbirds

CED sets a high standard as an editing service. Publishing can be overwhelming, but Karen and her team will walk you through no matter how long it takes to get the best result. Having published three books with their help, I have found them to be professional and knowledgeable, respectful, prompt in responding to emails, responsive to my desires, and encouraging.

My latest publication, a children’s picture book titled "A Whistle in the Wind," is an example of how much Shannon’s gift for interior design has made it special. The result of her creativity far exceeded my expectations. Have a look at some of the pages and you’ll see why you can trust Shannon to make your own children’s book come to life.

Danyce Gustafson, Author
A Whistle in the Wind,
Stone's Hope,
and The Stone House

It has been a pleasure working with this entire team. You have all made this experience fun and exciting. You all rock!

Lynn Wise
Author, Dive into Scripture!

I'm forever grateful to you. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of you at Christian Editing. You have gathered such an amazing group of professionals. It's such a huge help for a new author. You guys are amazing.

Annie Carpenter
Author, Little Coop and Little Nugget

I did look over everything and was definitely impressed with the results, kudos to you [Phil Wade] and Christian Editing & Design. The quick responses and suggested corrections were greatly appreciated. I will be locking the contact and website into my contacts as well as recommending the services to my friends and colleagues. Pray much success and favor from the Lord your way and stand in agreement with you that our Savior Christ Jesus is coming, Amen!

Dr. Thomas E. Cunningham
Author, Eating from the Shepherd's Table

I just wanted to tell you that I used Kimberly Merritt to do illustration's for my children's book, God Still Speaks To Animals. I love this lady and her art work is unbelievable. It's almost ready for eBook and doing hardback next. Thank you for wonderful people like Kimberly Merritt. So glad to be able to use a great Christian service like this. Keep up the good work for God's Kingdom.

Rebecca Wilhite
Author, God Still Speaks to Animals

When I received the email from Monte that my website was ready, I quickly typed in the address. In a matter of seconds, it was clear that his work exceeded my expectations!  If I’m not mistaken, I responded to his email with Wow! Wow! Wow! If you’re needing a website designer, look no further, Monte is your man!

Chuck Hayes

Author, That They May Hear

I am glad to have found Christian Editing & Design, after researching several writing companies on the Internet. Thank you, Robyn Burwell and Karen Burkett, for being patient, knowledgeable, reliable, thorough and timely. Our meeting was a divine appointment. Your professionalism,  trustworthiness, and display of Christianity made this a wonderful experience. You challenged me to stretch in my thinking so I could provide my best work to grow God's Kingdom. I am glad to have received your cross-cultural feedback on a culturally-centric topic: the music and worship arts ministry of the African-American experience. Working with you helped me realize new possibilities for multi-ethnic worship. This is my first book and I was not sure what to expect of the experience.  There were no hidden costs and you explained up front what I should budget and how you determine pricing. Christian Editing & Design offers a good value for the services received. It is well worth the financial investment.  In the process, I gained spiritual growth as we examined each scripture for accuracy in interpretation. I highly recommend you to any writer, especially to first-time authors.

Dr. Antonia Arnold-McFarland

Author, Moving Forward and Facing the Future in the Black Church Worship Experience

I prayed, and the Lord led me to Christian Editing & Design. I found them to be just as their name read—Christians first and editing services second. Those on the team that I worked with, Karen Burkett, Debra West Smith, Kim Merritt, and Shannon Herring, were all so helpful, kind, patient, knowledgeable and talented in their fields of expertise. But what was most impressive to me is how they always brought forth the Spirit of Christ in all things. I highly recommend this wonderful team. They are a true blessing to the Body of Christ. As God wills, I look forward to working with them again.

Toni Levine
Author, Golgotha Rules

God sends each person an angel on earth, sometimes to push us to our purpose. Like the angel that came to Elijah when he gave up. He fed Elijah and told him he needed his strength. Karen from Christian Editing & Design was my angel. I thank her for being obedient. I was about to give up and the Lord sent Karen. Thanks to her and her wonderful team. The Lord always provide the right people  and resources  to accomplish his purpose.
Ruth-Ann Ramsay
Author, I Have a Father

What a fabulous journey with Mrs. Karen Burkett and her team of expert writers and designers. She and her staff encouraged me with patience, genuine interest in our book, and shared their endless expertise throughout this season in my life. She, Shannon, and Sandy moved me through the editing process and book design with ease. I was thrilled to leaning from such dedicated Christian women.

These ladies are filled with love for the Lord. The Holy Spirit led us all to the end product-ready for the publishing stage of our book. I felt like they were and are part of my family of Christian sisters. Through this process they prayed for me and I for them. They touched my heart in many profound ways during this journey. 

They have taught me a great deal about the editing process. Most of all my experience with all of them has allowed me to grow stronger in my relationship with the Lord and His impeccable timing! 

I don’t know how I can ever thank them. Blessings of God’s continued wisdom to them all at CED!!!

Sincerely your sister in Christ, Kathryn B.

Kathryn Baker and Dr. Wayne Jacobs
Authors, The Strong Temple: A Woman's Guide to Spiritual and Physical Health

Thank you so much, Donna [Petersen]! It was seriously a blessing to work with you. I am so grateful for your keen eye and your gracious spirit. Without sometimes even speaking a word directly, you helped us see needed changes in addition to the grammatical issues that had to be addressed. I just know that this material was handed over to someone who God knew would be faithful to it, especially after some of the difficulties we had in the past. Thank you so much! And may God's blessings abound in each and every area of your life. :)

Stephanie Tucker
Author, Christian Families in Recovery: A Guide for Addiction, Recovering & Intervention Using God's Tools of Redemption

Tammy Matthews is an awesome editor and coach. Without her, this book would not be what it is. Thank you so much for all your input, knowledge, and direction, Tammy.

Claire Evans
Author, Bible-Time Interactive Family Devotional and A Family That Prays Daily Devotional

Hey Bethany [Clark] . . . It has been a pleasure and honor to work with you both. Your patience, timeliness, attention to detail were awesome. With all the tweaks and pokes, you have transcribed this work to perfection without altering the message I have been trying to convey. Hats off to you and your anointed team.I will use nobody  else in the future. You and Karen display the Love that the scriptures talk about  that distinguishes us from the world. Take a bow, CED. You are blessed and relevant.  

Hansen A. Harper and Zion C. Harper
Authors, You Could Be a Better Father and You Could Be a Better Son   

"Karen Burkett and I have been working together on a wide variety of projects for several years now. Her sensitivity to the mind of Christ and her writing skills have made her an invaluable writer and editor to our ministry. I am very thankful to God for her support and look forward to partnering together in the days ahead. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking any kind of copywriting talent especially within the Christian community."

Doug Coen
President, FindAnswers4Life.com and FindAnswers4Life.wordpress.com

It was a pleasure to work with Stephanie Nickel on the comprehensive edit of my historical novel. She was professional and prompt. Her upbeat personality and gift of encouragement were evident from the beginning. Stephanie advised, but took great care to let me share the story on my heart in my own writing style.

Danyce Gustafson
Author, Stone's Hope

I can’t say enough about Karen Burkett and her staff at Christian Editing & Design. Karen had already edited a couple of articles for me when I approached her with my first major writing project. It was clear early on that Karen and her team (Jarl and Shannon) were very personable, professional, and patient, treating my booklet like it was their own.  I praise God for the work that He has called and equipped them to do. What an awesome experience to share with my friends at CED.

Chuck Hayes
Author, Which Way Are We Traveling?

Stephanie, words can't express how grateful I am for your sincere devotion to this assignment that God had selected through me for His people. I will never forget you and your kindness. I am able to read the book also, and I [am] able to enjoy it for the first time mainly because of you. You really captured by voice and I am so thankful for that.

Simone Rose
Author, A Faith Journey

We worked with Karen on a project which had very specific requirements that needed to align to an existing, overarching series. She exceeded my expectations on all fronts from the quality and accuracy of the edit to scheduling and budget. She was also a real pleasure to work with along the way. I am certain to use Karen on our upcoming projects!

Bobby Person

I wholeheartedly recommend Karen Burkett's Christian Editing & Design She served with me at Living Free for four years. During her time with us, I witnessed over and over her untiring faithfulness to God. With this foundation, she was extremely professional, loyal, and committed to excellence. I truly believe God has called Karen to a ministry of Christian writing and the important aspects involved in effective written communication. I believe she will bless you as she has blessed Living Free.

Jimmy Ray Lee, D.Min.
Founder and President, Living Free
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Karen's writing, as well as her organizational and development skills, contributed greatly to our ministry. Included in her writing were books, brochures, video scripts, radio product spots, articles, and letters. She was gifted in taking what I wanted to express and putting it together in a way that touched and blessed many people.

Pastor/Evangelist Don Clowers
Don Clowers Ministries
Coppell, Texas

Just wanted you to know what an EXCEPTIONAL job Lois [Lofton, CED Marketing Specialist] has done. She is truly working as though she is working for The Lord! Thanks for this great service!

Rhonda Landry
Author, Abyss to Abundance

God put it on my heart to write a book called All Fired Up. It is a motivational testimonial filled with all kinds of God moments, so I needed an editor who had a discernment of the Holy Spirit. Well, Dixie Phillips [of ChristianEditingandDesign.com] not only fit that bill, but she also was very professional, understanding, excitable, and fun to work with. I would recommend her to anyone who is needing any book edited."

Brent Bishop
Author, All Fired Up

To anyone I say: Stephanie is a very caring talented writer who works with great TLC to assist her clients in meeting their goals in every way possible."

George Roger Lee
Author, Working Man's Jesus

Stephanie Nickel edited my contemporary Gothic romance novel and did an amazing job. She found my grammatical errors plus challenged me in areas where she felt I could improve. She's extremely easy to work with and provides a valuable service. You won't regret hiring her.

Darlene Turner
Author, Amber Dreams

If my paper were a plain yellow cake, your services were icing on it! Excellent.

Del Potter
Master of Divinity Student

As an older lady with a manuscript nearly finished, I began looking for a publisher. I was not knowledgeable in the process. I felt lost and wondered the best way to proceed. Several publishers were in touch with me and sent two contracts. One I signed and canceled. I felt something holding me back, in spite of being anxious to get published. Then I discovered Christian Editing & Design, and I knew I was home!

I bless the day I came across Karen's site! Her editing of my book is a work of art. She can take a difficult passage and make it outstanding! There is another plus also: Shannon. She has turned the book cover into a masterpiece, as well as the chapter and picture arrangements.

These ladies are a gift from God to me. Their kindness to me as I stumbled through my first book is nothing short of remarkable!

Iris Whitney, Author
Author, My Grandmother's Secret and Tales from the Front Porch Swing

Karen has written several things for me over the past five years, all with excellence. With minimal input Karen is able to turn your work into a professional piece. She is very thorough and timely with all her work.

Gloria Westerfield
Cleveland, Tennessee

Thank you Steph! This is absolutely stunning and beautiful! I don't think I could have asked for a better editor than YOU! I'm so grateful for your hard work and for putting up with me:)!
God Bless,

Callie Jett

Hi Donna, It has been a great experience working with and learning from you. Thank you for all your effort, hard work and your support, I really appreciate it.  The essay really looks awesome because of your help. Hopefully we can do it again soon. Thanks.

Matt Wisdom
Author, Faith in the Desert

This was my first experience working with a professional editor whom I never met! It felt like a daunting task to find someone who would be a good fit for my Gift Book, Unveiled Faces.

Once I began to work with Bethany [McShurley], the project really came alive. She was very professional; she described her editing process in a simple, straightforward manner and helped me to understand what would be needed on my end.

As we dove into the manuscript, Bethany's knowledge of the Bible and her understanding of Scripture was priceless. UF is a compilation of twenty historical fiction stories about women of the Old Testament. I was looking for specific details for each woman, and Bethany not only met that challenge, but went beyond what I could have imagined. Her storytelling ability is so engaging, as she caught the vision of the book immediately. Many times over, it felt like Bethany could really sense my heart for these women and for this resource, which was so important to me. When I asked Bethany to dig a little deeper in specific places, she was eager to find just the right words and phrases that made these women shine. Bethany also helped me to get into a writing/editing rhythm which sparked creativity and kept the manuscript on track. At times, I became a bit overwhelmed, but Bethany's encouraging words helped me to see the process through. Her patience with this "developing writer" is commendable and I felt like we made a great team!
I would not hesitate to work with Bethany on future projects. She is a fantastic editor!

Gina Buccini
Author, Unveiled Faces

I have come to know Stephanie in the role as my editor. Our professional relationship began when I first sent an email to Christian Editing & Design at the end of 2012. I had an idea about writing a novel but no experience. As I outlined my idea to her, she listened intently and encouraged me to pursue my writing. Stephanie is a people person who goes the extra mile for her clients. Because she is a passionate person with a great sense of humor she pursues her work with enthusiasm. My writing experience is totally dependent on her direction. We have met in person and over the phone numerous times, and Stephanie continues to exhibit integrity and knowledge. When we were developing my story, she always showed kindness and yet provided constructive feedback for the storyline. She has pointed out many inadequacies and keeps me informed about contemporary writing styles. Her timely edits and feedback keep me moving along. She is very accurate in editing grammar, language and structure, etc. I highly recommend Stephanie for editing services."

Pirrko Rytkonen

Wow! Dixie did a fantastic job. I had sooooooooooo much fun reading it I almost cried. She has such a gift for words. Dixie said everything that I was thinking. Thank you soooooooooooo much. Needless to say, I am very pleased and excited.

Nancy Blackwell
Author, Andy the Ant in Precious Cargo

I found Karen Burkett to be very helpful in editing my first book. I had much to learn about book writing, but Karen was right there to help me through the process. I now consider her one of my most important mentors. She was always timely with her responses, and always an encourager. In addition, Karen is so pleasant to work with and extra helpful. I have recommended her services to others and will use her if I write another book.

Karolyn Ericson
Author, Finding Faith in the Fire of Suffering

Thank you! I wanted to share how happy I am with the final version of my manuscript for Zechariah Park.  Your editing/proofreading service knocked it out of the park.  

Bethany [Clark] was a delight to work with.  She was open to my input, timely and professional.  It is amazing how a word she changed here and a phrase there made the story better. I hope we can work together again soon. 

God bless you and your business. You are doing God’s work!


Cindy Holt Miller
Author, Zechariah Park

Hi Karen,

I will receive the first copy of The Call of the Priesthood in a few days. As I wait with much excitement, I am reminded how much I owe you and the great folks at Christianeditinganddesign.com. Your talent and hard work allowed me accomplish what I could not do alone.

Thank you and God bless,

Dr. Ted Davis
Author, The Call of the Priesthood

Wow . . . where do I start. Well, unaware that Christian Editing & Design existed, I hired a fairly large publishing company to edit and publish my first manuscript. They were great; however, they only edited the document one time. After their first edit, I realized that several main components to the story needed to be changed. Well, they inserted the changes, but they wouldn't go back and edit again, provide any creative suggestions, or even proofread again. For a first time writer, that didn't work for me. I needed more help. .

 I scoured the internet looking for a faith based publisher and by the grace of God I found Karen with Christian Editing & Design.They were amazing from start to finish. First, she responded to my initial inquiry within a few hours with extremely reasonable pricing. Much of the competition had a lengthy submittal and qualification process, not to mention an enormous lead time to start.

Second, CED jumped on the project quickly and not only edited, but gave GREAT creative feedback, helped with the flow, and did several very large edits WITHOUT COMPROMISING my message or inserting what they thought was better. That was HUGE. They really listened to the heart of the story that I wanted to convey and delivered unbelievably efficient and fast. After the large edits, the proofreader gave it one last lookover, also made minor creative suggestions and completed the project. As a new author, I now have a professional document that I can be proud of and share with the world for the Glory of God. THANK YOU KAREN AND CED! 

Shawn Ward
Author, Betting on Red

The adventure of editing my manuscript for publication was one that I was unfamiliar with. However, through the expertise of CED, the process was seamless. Karen's team are professional, thorough, diligent, and always available for questions. As we progressed through editing, book formatting, and graphic options for the book, I was always kept abreast of the next step. Everyone was a pleasure to work with. It is evident that you're all called to this profession. The CED team is truly a gem in the ocean of the Christian book industry.

Ivette Ellis
Author, Whisper to Us: Hope for Change and Recovery

I decided that it would probably be a good idea to have a website for my book ministry, so I hired Karen Burkett to do the job. She offers a nice template at an affordable price. The process was unexpectedly easy and my site looks great. I would hire her again in a heartbeat.
Brian Ridolfi

Thank you for all your excellent work. Our publication is enhanced by all your conscientious editing.

Gideon Fujiwara
Author, The Original Gospel Tabernacle

I will keep saying it because it is true - God led me to CED, and it shows in the outcome. Your organization is a ministry and a huge blessing to the Church of Jesus Christ. I'm glad the Lord has been gracious to me, even allowing me to be part of what He is doing through CED. My brethren, I believe that not half the testimony has yet been told of what God will do in your ministry. It is so wonderful this fellowship of the children of God, that we don't have to be complete in ourselves as long as we have brethren who can do the things we can't do ourselves. 

Patrick Philemon
Author, What Think Ye of Christ?


To Karen Burkett and Christian Editing & Design: Thanks for your outstanding work on this book. To Phil Wade, my chief editor, not only did you do a terrific job in refining my manuscript, but I also appreciated your willingness to professionally challenge and engage in theological dialogue to help ensure clarity in my writing.

Scott Solana
Author, Can God Defeat Terrorism?

 When I started to write my first book and was about one third in progress, I wondered how such book will ever be published. Doing some research I quickly found out that editing is essential. Writing a Christian book I realized I need  Christian Editing & Design. The first editing service of that nature that came up with my research was Christian Editing Services. I made contact with Karen and from that moment on I feel I have new friends. Karen asked me to send the writing I had done so far and after sending it, she encouraged me to continue and to finish it, which I did. In between that time I had contact with Karen several times because the writing took much longer than I had emphasized. From the moment the manuscript was ready, I sent it to Karen and a highly qualified and dedicated group of people started to work on it. English is not my mother tongue and therefore to write a book in another language is a disadvantage. Jarl, who did the comprehensive editing, was from the start astounding and never gave me feeling of falling short on my English. Before my eyes, with everything Jarl sent me to review, the book started to change dramatically but not the content; this remained steadfastly the same. Jarl is a master in his profession and every piece of work he did marveled me. Then came Monte, to start with his art work for the cover. The same experience as with Jarl and an end result that astonished me. Bethany [Clark] did the editing of the text on the back cover and did it in such a way that it summarized the content of the book and the message of it completely. Then the final touch in proof reading by Jonathan and the end result is a book which, without CES I could never have dreamed about.
Johannes Broos
Author, Grace and Truth, the Narrow Gate

Jen Miller did the editing of my book From Disgrace to Grace, from Grace to God's Glory. She was very attentive and listened carefully to my heart on the book and the significance of it. She understood how near and dear to my heart this book is. In the sentences or paragraphs that didn't bring out the depth of what I was saying, Jen literally pulled it out of me by getting me to focus on the feelings of the characters. I can't say enough about how she brought to life the people, situations, and the pain they went through. It was as though she was telling her own story. She comes highly recommended and I hope that one day we will get to work together again.

Donna Ross
Author, From Disgrace to Grace: From Grace to God's Glory

I am so thankful that God led me to Christian Editing & Design, and how their kind and professional team assisted in the completion of my late wife's book, "Laura's Journey: Encouraging Devotions." Karen's editing skills and mastery of the English language are absolutely outstanding. I also appreciated the point she made at the beginning of the project that she would be very careful not to change my wife's words. That was important to me.

Shannon did an unbelievable job on the formatting portion of the book! Her never ending attention to detail and the graphics that made the book almost "relaxing" are perfect in this devotional book. And Sandy did a wonderful job making the pictures provided work out beautifully for the covers. 

From my very first contact to the completion of the project I couldn't be more pleased with all of their work.

Steve Nauman
Author, My Grief Journey: Stories and Illustrations

Shannon [Herring] is so pleasant to work with in designing a cover or laying out  pages for your book. She listens to your ideas and does her best to implement them. However, at the same time, she is creative and really helped to bring my words to life with the variety of fonts and colors she chose. Shannon is quick to respond and goes above and out of her way to turn your book into a reality. Her work is professional and detailed. It was a joy to work with her.

Anjali Durepo
Author, A Path for Appu

I worked with Donna Petersen on editing my book. She was great! She listened and answered all my questions and emails. Since my book was a Christian book, it was my belief that only a Christian editor would have the background to edit my book. If I were to write another book, I would use Christian Editing & Design again.

Ed Adams
Author, Praises to God

Bethany [Clark], thank you so much! It was such a joy working with you. You brought this small piece of literature to life and I'm forever grateful!

Ashley Causey

Hello, Karen. I want to thank you so much for linking me with Jen. She has truly not only been a perfect fit for my project, but her sweetness, a light to my life. She made the editing process a beautiful experience which caused me to push my limits and wholly put this book in His hands. She was my midwife to my labor in the moments I just didn't want to push anymore. Looking now at the final product, I know Jen was assigned by God and this baby could not be more beautiful. I am so excited to share with the world what Gorgeous Inside: From Dealing to Healing is all about.
God Bless your entire team!

Paloma Freeman
Author, Gorgeous Inside: From Dealing to Healing

Hello ladies [Jen Miller and Karen Burkett],

I am so grateful for you ladies--the professionalism, the consistency, the hard work that came in a timely manner . . .I cannot express how happy I am.

Jen, you were a joy to work with. Your sweet spirit made me feel at ease and I cannot wait to work with you in future projects. Thank you so much for putting in your time and creative skills to work on this book. I will recommend you guys to everyone I meet because I am trusting that the same way you treated me . . . they will get the same experience. Thank you again . . .

Betty Martin
Author, How to Stay Free

Karen, thank you for all your hard work and late nights! The difference between the "final" and manuscript is astounding . . . you make me look good!

Jeff Oliver
Author, Progressive Pentecost

Tammy's editing work on my paper was superb. She went above and beyond any normal editing project by offering detailed advice on paper content, and demonstrated a keen sense of grammatical structuring and excellent formatting capabilities. I would highly recommend Christian Editing & Design to any serious writers looking to elevate their projects from good to great! 

Del Potter

My heartfelt thanks to Jen Miller for her excellent work editing our magazine, Katherine Kane for excellent proofreading, and CED founder, Karen Burkett. I am impressed by their extensive work to improve drafts of our English edition. They had to cope with grammatical mistakes and also   ambiguity of contents due to translation, cultural differences, and matters of faith.It was the first time for me to work with CES and many questions and explanations from both sides helped us clear obscure parts. I appreciate that they respected our requests on some particular matters that honor Japanese culture and our faith. I'm looking forward to working with CES again. 

Naoko Ishii
Author, Light of Life

"Thank you so much for your service. I am very blessed the Lord guided me to you! And it was such a blessing working with Dixie. She could interpret my heart in the book just perfectly! I love how the book has been shaped and strengthened. God bless you and your business."

Erica Bertelli
Author, Romeo and the Secret of the Wave

It is a blessing to know Karen and her team. I would say Christian Editing & Design is a team of professionals fully delegated to God's works. My association with Jarl Waggoner as editor, Shannon Herring on ebook, and Lois Lofton on marketing was one of memorable experience. While maintaining the high standards of their profession, their works reveal their uncompromising dedication, whole-heartedness in helping their clients, and one-mindedness to help accomplish their project.

Seb Khor
Author, Secrets of First Love

Thanks so much for all that you have done for me. You have been a blessing beyond measure, let me tell you. I thank God for your (and my CEE team) patience with all the "rookie" mistakes I have committed along the way. I feel my experience with your company has been fantastic! I feel I have been awarded the opportunity to get to know all of you better and my experience with your expertise and professionalism exceeded my expectations for the level of service that you have blessed me with!
. . . God truly has answered my prayers with your entire team, only God knows what I prayed for before I met you all. I believe this experience will inspire me to become a better writer with a desire/purpose to serve God's people through a Holy Ghost inspired story!  God willing...I look forward to working with the CED team in the future!
You Ladies Rock! THANK YOU ALL!

Tonya Whitfield-Jackson
Author, Holy Ghost Handcuffs

From start to finish, my experience with Christian Editing & Design was a blessing to me. I am very grateful to Karen and her staff, not only for their commendable expertise but also for their very gracious and personable manner. Above all, I respect them for their sincere desire to serve the Lord and honor Him through their abilities and gifts in this field. I will certainly seek Karen's advice and the excellent assistance of her team with my next project.

Beverlie Barrow Hamby
Author, The Door Back In 

Thank you Christian Editing & Design for the editing of this book. I appreciate your professional and prompt service. It was a pleasure working with you. I will use Christian Editing & Design for future projects. Bless you!


Tina Carter
Author, Speak Life

Thank you to Karen Burkett, editor extraordinaire, who with the patience of a saint handled everything we gave her with grace and expertise. Great appreciation goes to her team of talent, Shannon Herring and Terri Hall, who faithfully put their ability and effort into helping make this book all it could be.

Capt. Dale Black and Paula Black
Co-Authors, Life, Cancer and God

I knew from the very beginning that my experience would be a great one. I feel blessed that God put you in my life so that I can come to the finishing steps of my journey. Robyn went above and beyond to do an exceptional job. She is a joy to work with and does excellent work. Robyn is a very caring person and extremely talented in writing and she knew exactly what I needed. I hardly had to give any instructions. She improved my writing project and gave me valuable ideas. Your editing service is accurate and very professional. I highly recommend your services to anybody. I want to hire you again once I decide on a book and/or to extend on my ideas I already have. You gave me so much more knowledge and the necessary spark to move further with my ideas. Thank you Robyn Burwell and Karen Burkett. You are amazing!

Natasha Robertson
HomeGrown Directory Services Project
Logan, Utah

I want to commend to you my friend, Karen Burkett. Karen is one of those unique individuals in whom deep devotion is merged with excellent professional skills. It has been my privilege to work with Karen on several projects, including the preparation of my first book for publication. I could not be more satisfied with her work. It is always a pleasure to work with Karen.

Dr. Mike Chapman
Senior Pastor, City Church of Chattanooga
Chattanooga, Tennessee

From beginning to end my experience with you on my book and with the website has been wonderful. . . . I am so grateful that the Lord put you in my path because YOU were the final and essential leg in this journey. Without you, Karen, quite simply, my dream would not have become a reality. It was obvious that this was not just a 'job' for you. I clearly felt that your heart was in this project as well.

The way that you helped to take thoughts that were fragmented at times and make them more clear was amazing. Your expertise on grammar and paragraph formation was VERY evident. Your knowledge of copyrights and other 'author' issues was an even greater gift. . . . You met EVERY single deadline and never over promised or under delivered. . . . Quite simply put, you are truly gifted in your ability to edit and write. The Lord has given me a gift through your skills. I cannot thank you enough and look forward to our next project together!

Aliene Thompson
Author and Speaker, Treasured Ministries

I want to thank you both [Donna Petersen and Karen Burkett] again for excellent work. It was pleasure working with you.

Jonah Haddad
Author, Insanity: God and the Theory of Knowledge

Karen Burkett was the copy editor for my Christian inspirational book. I found her to be accurate and professional. Her speedy turn-around time and encouraging comments were greatly appreciated. I highly recommend her writing services.

Gael Stuart Phaneuf
Author, Reflections of a Merry Heart

I was very pleased with how quickly you answered my initial questions, the wonderful job that Dixie did in editing my book, and the speed with which she finished editing! I never dreamed it would all be done in one week's time. I believe my chances of being published are many times greater than if I had submitted it without her editing. I truly appreciate your Christian heart in serving, loving, and helping children through writing, and your encouraging words and helpful suggestions in what path to follow as far as getting published.

Jeanette King
Author, Who Should I Trust?