Paul Conant

Paul Conant, CED Editor, introduces himself this way: "One reason I enjoy working on Christian manuscripts is to bolster my personal faith in God. Another reason is to ensure that books are being interpreted or applied correctly concerning the Scriptures. I edit with the author's style in mind, then look for inconsistencies as well as problems related to the Chicago Manual of Style or the Christian Writer's Manual of Style. In the process my hope is  to teach authors how to improve their writing techniques without changing their story lines."

Paul describes his experience: "In the year 2000, I was contracted to J.M. LeBel Enterprises in N. Dallas, to edit science textbooks. The first one was a high school chemistry textbook revision. The second was in Environmental Science, also for high school. In 2001, I edited a Physics textbook revision for high school. I especially enjoyed working with the ancillary books, mainly instructor's answer books for the textbooks and their labs. I was also paid to travel to Austin twice to ensure that the textbooks passed the approval of the Texas Education Agency for use in the Texas high schools. I later found work through a local Ed.D. doctoral candidate to edit dissertations for a group of candidates in an online university in Florida called Nova. I later had referral work through those students. 

"Several years later, I learned about The Christian PEN (Proofreaders and Editors Network), and started getting leads through Kathy Ide's networks, and later through a connection to Holy Fire Publishing (of Spring Hill, TN) that came from the Christian Editing Connection. I received at least ten Christian manuscripts from HFP from 2016 through 2020. The Lord led me to other Christian authors and I have had opportunity to edit a wide variety of Christian manuscripts. The latest was for a book currently in process with Redemption Press called To You From God, a summary of God's love letter to us."