Giles Paul

Giles Paul is a marketing expert with a proven track record of helping clients build a strong presence across many social media platforms. Giles served in many marketing and communications roles before joining Christian Editing and Design as a social media marketing specialist. He has helped clients launch an online presence across social media platforms, devising strategies for engagement, and creating interactive content to build relationships for organizations. He started his career as an Assistant Program Manager with the Family Christian Association of America in Miami, Florida, where he gained unprecedented experience managing project priorities, producing budget reports, and evaluating youth programs' success. Giles is a graduate of Florida A&M University, where he earned a bachelor's degree in business administration. Outside the office, Giles is a fitness buff who loves exercising regularly. Giles is a big outdoor enthusiast who loves running, exploring nature's path, and fishing on the weekend. Giles also enjoys spending time with his family and traveling to new destinations.