E-book Services

In today's digital age, e-books have become an integral part of the publishing landscape. Recognizing the significance of platforms like Kindle, Ingram Spark, and others, we specialize in e-book formatting and submission services. Partner with us to seamlessly format and distribute your book across leading e-book platforms, ensuring it reaches a global audience with the professionalism it deserves.

What You Provide

  • Book manuscript in a .doc format. Must be proofread and ready for print. Corrections or changes made after formatting begins subject to extra charge.
  • Book cover in PDF or JPEG format
  • Author bio
  • Author photo
  • Book description, both long and short versions (long up to 4600 characters, short up to 400 characters) 
  • Keywords and categories* 
  • Your website address and Twitter and Facebook links (if you have them)
  • Account set up in Amazon and/or Smashwords

Book Descriptions, Keywords, and Categories

*When your e-book is submitted to online venues they will ask for categories, keywords, and a book description (sometimes both a long and short version). We can help with that. Whether you are doing a print book or e-book (or both), you also need effective marketing copy for your back cover including a description of your book and a short bio. We can write copy that includes effective phrases and words that add marketing value. 

(Please note: Because each country has its own regulations concerning e-book sales, special restrictions and extra fees may apply if you are marketing outside the United States. Client is responsible for researching regulations/guidelines for his or her country.)