Bethany Clark

Bethany Clark, CED Editor and Critique Specialist, has been writing for as long as she can remember. When she was seven, she began keeping a journal; her daily entries included such fascinating details as, “We woke up. We ate breakfast. We brushed our teeth.” In high school, she wrote a 300,000-word story—and then, about a year later, realized that although her story was much more interesting than her childhood journal entries, it needed serious revisions to make the plot and the characters believable rather than laughable.

In 2013, Bethany received her B.A. in English from Shepherd University. While at Shepherd, she worked as a writing tutor and as chief copy editor of The Picket, the college’s student newspaper. All the works she read, analyzed, or edited, whether written by famous authors or by her classmates, exposed her to all the components that must combine to create good literature. And all the pieces that she wrote, whether short stories, narratives, or critical essays, gave her the opportunity to create and weave together those components herself.

After graduating, Bethany completed a yearlong online internship with Bethany McShurley at Faith-Based Editorial Services. The internship gave her experience in writing critiques, which she finds both challenging and enjoyable, and solidified her desire to pursue further editing work.

As a CED editor, Bethany uses her sense of what makes good writing, along with her natural tendency to notice the smallest details, to help others shape their works and tell their stories.