Jonathan Lewis

Hi, my name is Jonathan Lewis. I’m a husband, father of five, Christian, and graphic designer specializing in Christian nonfiction book design.

One of my goals when doing book design is to help clients avoid what I call the “Self-Published Stigma.” Perhaps you know what I mean: books that are so poorly designed that everyone knows immediately they’re self-published. I believe poor design can erode an author’s credibility, detract from their message, and hinder sales. People really do judge books by their covers, so my advice to authors is simple: never put a good book behind a bad cover.

Besides designing covers, I also do interior typesetting. On the cover, design is all about grabbing interest and communicating something of what the book is about. But on the inside, the design is all about the details. Get them right and you’ll have a clean, professional, easy-to-read book. That’s my goal.

Besides designing books, I enjoy drinking coffee, playing chess, reading, hiking, and spending time with my family.