David Guion

I have combined my addictions for studying and writing at least since my first academic article appeared in 1980. I have a doctorate in musicology and a master’s in library and information science. Most of my publications—two books and a couple of dozen articles—have been about the history of the trombone, but I have wider interests than that.

Starting in 2009, I have been feeding four research-based blogs: Musicology for Everyone; Reading, Writing, Research; Sustaining Our World; and Grace and Judgment. The latter is the fruit of my personal Bible study. Although raised in a church-going home, I met Jesus personally only after I started graduate school. That event kicked off the desire to get to know him more and more. I have been teaching adult Sunday school classes for more than forty years.

I have done mostly content editing for CED, starting in 2016. It has given me the chance to help other Christian writers put their thoughts in good order and good prose. Lots of people have thoughts and experiences that need to be shared with others.

When I’m not working on writing projects, I’m likely to be playing trombone, doing puzzles and games on my iPad, or taking two goofy little dogs for walks in local parks in Greensboro, North Carolina. The latter gives me a chance to notice God’s creation and try to practice Isaiah 30:15—“In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and in trust shall be your strength” (ESV).